Reviews, praise and awards for Uta Burke

Mrs. Uta Burke
My name is┬áD. and I’m writing to you because I recently finished reading your book “Immortal Link.” I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it very much. It not only took my mind outside of these walls but also out of this state. As I continued to read, I could truly see myself walking the streets of a town I never even knew existed. Thanks to the knowledge that you gain through your research and all of the insightful info that you provided about Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, I would like to go there someday. I also like how you incorporated true life events with town legends/history. To have a child dig into her family’s past and learn about the lives of innocent men, taken by the powerful men of that time who feared them…I could keep going but I know that your life is still going on out there. So I’ll say that the best part, or one of them, is to have someone whose family may not have much, uses what little she has to bring to justice a man who thought he could get away with a crime because of who his family is and who hers is not…Once again thank you for taking me on a trip through your pages, and I hope that there will be many more. My best wishes, Quae-D

Hi there, how are you? Good I hope. I’m doing pretty good despite my circumstances. I am writing for two different reasons -
1) IMMORTAL LINK – one word – PHENOMENAL!! I really enjoyed it, and I really really hope that you are composing more writings! By the way, you’re too good-hearted – I would’ve done a lot more personally to Sebastian than what the spirits did – I guess you could say that I have the mind like Charlie, if something like that happened to my sister or any female family member for that matter.
(In part two he goes on about family stuff)
PS: My friend Damian said he loved the book, he’s not much of a writer. My apologies. Yours truly, M