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I was born and raised in Southern Germany, married a U.S.  soldier, and moved to New Jersey with him where we reside to this day. Growing up in a superstitious village, I have repeatedly heard about things that go bump in the night and wondered what they were. When my daughter became interested in the paranormal a few years ago, we visited spooky places along the East Coast and participated in an Electronic Voice Phenomenen (EVP) session with Bruce Tango from the “Ghost Hunters” show. The moment I discovered Jim Thorpe, PA, and its Old Jail, I chose it for the setting of  “Immortal Link.” Please refer to the FAQs page to find out what it is about, why I chose the setting, and what happened as I researched it. In my blog you can read about what my thoughts were while writing the book.

About you: If you’re a teenager reading this, I want you to know that wild mood swings are normal, especially in girls. Despite what your parents tell you, the high school years are not necessarily the best years of your life, just because you have weeks of vacation and no bills to pay. These years can be horrible for many of you, confusing and stressful as you’re trying to fit in and worry about how others perceive you. Some of you will go through an ugly-period because of low self-esteem. The most important thing to remember right now is that all you have to do is make it through. For now it’s okay to be a hermit and only care about music or books. Your hormones will not always be out of whack, your prefrontal cortex (the section of the brain responsible for emotional control, impulse, restraint and rational decision making) will not be under construction forever.

All you have to do right now is survive, and trust that the fun in life comes later.

If you’re an adult reading this, give your kids a break. I would not want to be sixteen again.

Your kids may not be all you dreamed of, but you’re not all your parents dreamt of, either (Dr. Wendy Mogel).