Upper Young Adult note passing with Sykosa!

Hi Sykosa,
thanks so much for caring and for keeping my secret. I don’t ever want anybody to know what happened to me, and my two big brothers and I swore an oath to never tell our mother, because it so would kill her. But I really want to talk to you about “IT” because I know you’d understand that it totally wasn’t my fault, that’s why I kinda let you in on this, because you once told me this almost happened to you and now I find out to someone in your school, too. I can’t believe how many people this is happening to and how many of those monsters are getting away with it!! Well, I kinda know, because nobody ever talks about it because we’re so embarrassed, but I already decided that I will not let The Bastard get away with what he did. My brothers, who are always totally protective of me, are falling apart over it and I am so worried about them. That’s why I decided to take revenge on my own. And my new neighbor, Stella, is helping me out. She is sooo awesome, but there is something like mysterious or strange about her, that I just can’t figure out. Yet. But I will, I am sure.
Wish me luck – the night of my revenge is coming soon – I will tell you later how it went, okay?
And you’re right, it’s so great that my brothers are looking out for me, but this is something I have to do for myself. They cannot know what I am about to do, that’s why I will talk to you AFTER…Wish me luck…I feel like I am taking revenge for all the victims out there, so that they can go on with their lives!! That is my biggest hope…Catholine


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  1. Sykosa says:


    I just hope you’re not doing anything too dangerous. Remember, you do have the rest of your life ahead of you, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. I can understand why you want to keep your family out. My parents are overbearing just with normal day-to-day stuff, I don’t know how’d they respond if they found out something like this.

    Yeah… Unfortunately, there’s some dark stuff that goes on with the kids at my school sometimes. It was strange, I overheard the story of the girl, and I know who she is. The problem is that I’m not really friends with her, and before I knew any of this, I kinda hated her, tbh. She’s a bit of a bully who it seems was dating an even bigger bully……

    It’s best to tell me later the outcome, don’t want too many people knowing the details too soon.


    • Uta Burke says:

      please do not worry about me too much. I have Stella with me and I know the spirits in the jail are on my side. Hell, they’re even related to me and everytime I’m in the jail, I feel like they are telling me to do this. My brothers would freak out if they’d knew, but nothing can stop me from going forward with this now.
      Try to understand why this girl is the way she is, maybe she’s really nice and just insecure, especially since you know what happened to her. I know it’s crazy, but it is we, the victims, who are ashamed, not the bastards who did this to us. I am trying to fight against this and let justice prevail. I just want to move on with my life, but I can’t until The Bastard is stopped!
      Can’t wait to see my brothers’ faces, they think I am such a chicken…wish me luck and don’t worry, we’ve got this under control. I hope.

  2. Sykosa says:


    I totally trust that you’ve got this situation under control. I just hope it makes you feel better afterwards and things are okay. Your right in the regard that I don’t know if I could do what you’re doing, but you seem so prepared, and you’ve gotten all your bases lined up, and it seems like no one else is willing to help you, without they themselves getting in so much trouble.

    I know I gotta start thinking better things about this girl. Her name is Donna. In many ways, I think a lot of our conflict is built on weird stuff that neither one of us really did. These adversarial things take on a life of their own, and loyalties get involved, but I know if her story comes out, there’s no way my friend Niko will believe it, she doesn’t believe a single thing Donna says…

    Sometimes I get so confused about it I just shut down!

    Good luck, be safe,

    • Uta Burke says:

      I am just so upset because of my mother. Ever since the old man left, she’s a wreck and has to work way too much. It totally would break her heart and we need to shield her from any bad stuff. My brother Charlie feels that if he had done better in sports (he’s got the same scores as Jim Thorpe, the Olympian!!!, he’s an athletic miracle) dad would have stayed around. That is so crazy! And Louis, my oldest brother, carries the whole world on his shoulders instead of enjoying his senior year. How can I not risk everything and go after The Bastard for what he did to me and my brothers?
      But I am glad you start thinking about Donna in a more positive way and don’t worry what others think. She could probably use any support you can give her. I know how it feels, believe me, but I couldn’t even tell my best friend because of this stupid oath. Try to be there for her as best as you can, without giving too much away until the time comes…and it will come.
      Thanks for being there for me,
      ttyl, Cath

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